Try-It Day

The Trucking Career Immersion Program (TCIP) is a unique program developed by CargoM in partnership with Camo-route and the CFTR, major players in the trucking industry. It offers direct access to the trucking profession by letting you register for a trial day, a fast track, which will enable you to discover the many facets of this profession.

To make an informed choice and get a good start on your career in the industry, this immersion program offers a series of activities that will make it possible for you to learn more about trucking. Attend a comprehensive information session and talk to professionals in the industry, try out a simulator, watch driving demonstrations and visit a company. This free VIP treatment will also give you access to personalized coaching to support you in your training and employability process.

Curious? Take a day and hit the fast track to an exciting career!

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Find out about the sector, the truck driver profession and the training.

  • Sector profile
  • Job prospects
  • Aspects of the trade
  • What it takes to be a truck driver
  • The training

DURATION: 1.5 hours

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Try driving a truck using a driving simulator and see different manoeuvres.

  • Driving simulator
  • Observation of complex manoeuvres from outside and inside a truck
  • Pre-trip check, blind spots, etc.

DURATION: 1.5 hours

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Visit a trucking company to better understand how operations are carried out.

  • Presentation of transport operations
  • Visit to a warehouse (loading and unloading of trailers)
  • Visit to a dispatch room
  • Observation of yard activities

DURATION: 2 hours

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Access to personalized support for people interesting in taking the next steps to register for the Truck Driver DVS.

  • Registration process at the CFTR
  • Financial assistance (loans and scholarships)
  • Emploi-Québec training support
  • Other partner resources
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Next trial: To be determined
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